Vice-Chancellor’s Office Group (VCOG) members

University Management - Dr Karen Cook

Acting Vice- Chancellor

Dr Karen Cook

The Acting Vice-Chancellor, Dr Karen Cook, is the principal officer of the University and is responsible for the academic leadership and executive management of the institution. The Acting Vice-Chancellor chairs the University’s Academic Board, Senior Management Group, Professorial Advisory Panel and Honorary Degrees Advisory Panel and reports to the University’s Board of Governors. The Pro-Vice Chancellors, Faculty Deans and Executive Officer report directly to the Acting Vice-Chancellor.

University Management - Dr Liz Smith

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Dr Elizabeth Smith

Dr Liz Smith is the Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for Learning, Teaching & the Student Experience at the University of St Mark and St John. She has strategic responsibility for working with all teams across the university to enhance the academic experience of Post Graduate and Under Graduate Students by ensuring that all taught provision results in high levels of student satisfaction and graduate employability. The university- wide development of a curriculum that embraces the University’s new strategic plan by promoting the three strategic themes of digital scholarship, global engagement and employer partnership is a further important aspect of her role together with academic staff development, the management of professional departments which support students and liaison with collaborative partners to enable wide access to Higher Education.

University Management - Professor Brendon Noble

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Brendon Noble

The Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and International, Professor Brendon Noble, leads the strategic development of research, enterprise, international partnerships, the taught postgraduate portfolio and research degree provision. The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate and Innovation chairs the University Research Committee and Research Degrees Panel. The Research Officer reports directly to the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate and Innovation.