Academic policies, strategies and schemes

All academic-related policies and strategies, schemes (i.e. those for which the University's Academic Board is ultimately responsible) are posted here. All corporate policies, strategies and schemes can be found at Miscellaneous strategies & policies.

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Admissions Interview Policy (adobe .pdf, 304 kbs)

Admissions Policy and Procedures (adobe .pdf, 354 kbs)

Assessment Policy (adobe .pdf, 410 kbs)

Code of Conduct for Research (adobe .pdf, 146 kbs)

Compliance Policy (adobe .pdf, 389 kbs)

Employability Strategy (adobe .pdf, 414 kbs)

Ethics Policy (adobe .pdf, 551 kbs)

International Strategy (adobe .pdf, 377 kbs)

Learning and Teaching Strategy (adobe .pdf, 515 kbs)

Library Collection Management Policy (adobe .pdf, 509 kbs)

Open Access Policy (adobe .pdf, 359 kbs)

Peer Observation Policy (adobe .pdf, 685 kbs)

Research Strategy (adobe .pdf, 760 kbs)