ACT modules

ACTC01 (v1) The Complicit Actor (adobe .pdf, 101 kbs)

ACTC02 (v2) The Roots of Theatre (adobe .pdf, 250 kbs)

ACTC03H (v2) Academic Skills (adobe .pdf, 37 kbs)

ACTC07 (v1) Acting for Camera (adobe .pdf, 74 kbs)

ACTD01 (v1) Popular forms (adobe .pdf, 101 kbs)

ACTD03 (v1) The Creative Actor (adobe .pdf, 39 kbs)

ACTD04 (v1) The Global Actor (adobe .pdf, 102 kbs)

ACTD06H (v1) The Actor's Specialism (adobe .pdf, 155 kbs)

ACTH01 (v1) Professional Profile (adobe .pdf, 99 kbs)

ACTH03 (v1) Theatre Production (adobe .pdf, 104 kbs)

ACTH04 (v1) The Working Actor (adobe .pdf, 106 kbs)