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Assessing Pupils Without Levels

Released: 03.04.14

Andrew Frapwell

There will be some dramatic changes with assessing children’s attainment due to new policy with Ofsted. The day will cover the new national curriculum, how to comply with it and use it to meet children’s learning needs. The training will equip delegates with new techniques, principles and ideas on practice. The seminar will unpack the idea of assessing children’s development without the use of traditional categorisation.

The training will encompass a detailed look at the process of assessment and how to analyse progress and outstanding achievement. The main themes will be about compliance with Ofsted, finding opportunities in the new era and essentially, meeting all learners’ needs.

The consultant, Andrew Frapwell, will provide rapid skill-development sessions for teachers and education leaders to become robust and transformed decision-makers, equipped to process the new parameters and prepare for any challenges brought about by large gear-changes in education, including looking at a methodology that is future-proof against further changes.

Andrew Frapwell said, ‘We are being challenged by government to ensure inclusive and progressive practice so that all pupils grasp key curriculum content. The removal of level descriptors and the emphasis in the new Programmes of Study on what pupils should know and be able to do will help to ensure that schools concentrate on making sure that all pupils reach the expected standard, rather than on labelling differential performance. If we can make this shift in our thinking, then we can begin the shift in our practice towards a new robust, valid and reliable assessment system that improves learning and progress without the use of levels’

Assessing Pupils Without Levels, takes place Friday 16 May, 9am – 4pm. It is being led by Andrew Frapwell, an educational consultant and National Trainer at the Association for Physical Education and National College for Continued Professional Development.

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