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Conversation Partners' Scheme

Released: 28.04.14

Speech and Language Therapy Lunch Image

Lynsey Parrott and Esther Pettit from the Speech and Language Therapy department hosted a lunch to celebrate the success of the first Conversation Partners’ Scheme, which is run for people with cerebral palsy who use augmentative communication systems.

Three adults from Ivybridge - Emma, Sarah and Mathew - participated in the novel scheme, which included visits from first-year Speech and Language Therapy students: Ellie, Sophie, Anthea, Jenny, Kate and Holly. They spent time each week listening and chatting with their partners and even going to the pub or a cafe when the weather was conducive.

After enjoying a hearty lunch the participants reflected on the scheme. Emma said it had been, ‘cool’ to have a regular opportunity to chat and Sarah agreed wholeheartedly. The group's spokesman Mathew said it had been, ‘fantastic’ to have the weekly visits by the students and there was a very firm view that the scheme should continue next year with the new intake of Speech and Language Therapy students.

A successful Conversation Partners’ Scheme for people with aphasia has been run by the Speech and Language Therapy team for over five years. This provided the impetus to adapt and develop a pilot scheme for local adults with cerebral palsy who have communication impairments.

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