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John Rudd, Alumnus and Olympic Mentor is Best Coach of the Year

Released: 22.01.14

Sports Personality Awards Image

As title sponsor of the event, the University is thrilled that one of its alumni is considered to be one of the best sports coaches in the country.

Jon is Ruta Meilutyte’s mentor and took her to world record-breaking success in the Olympics London 2012. Ruta herself won Plymouth Herald Sports Personality of the Year.

In addition to Wednesday night’s local accolade, Jon has won three other titles in 2013. He was given European Swimming Coach of the Year by the Swammy Awards; while the International Society of Swimming Coaching named him International Swimming Coach of the Year. awarded him with World Swimming Coach of the Year for Junior Athletes.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Cara Aitchison, was the keynote speaker and said, ‘We are delighted with Jon Rudd’s success as a world-leading swimming coach. We were particularly pleased that Ben Proud, one of the Plymouth Leander swimmers he coaches and British record holder of the 50m butterfly, has chosen to come and study at our university. No one can fail to be impressed by Jon's coaching and mentoring of Ruta Meilutyte to Olympic swimming success. His instrumental tutoring has led her to smash world records and win gold at London 2012. Not only are we proud to name him among our alumni, but we also recognise his professional development and expertise in coaching and, as a result, awarded him an honorary degree in 2013.’

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