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Newly Qualified Teachers Conference

Released: 06.02.15

New teachers attended a conference at the University of St Mark & St John on 6 February.

Teachers working in the region’s primary and secondary and special needs schools, and those looking for teaching jobs, enhanced their professional skills at the day-long conference.

The Newly Qualified Teachers Conference was hosted by education experts at the University.

Megan Eales who teaches Year 5 at Torbridge Primary School particularly enjoyed the sessions on voice coaching, saying: "Teaching any age group involves projecting your voice and I often spend up to seven hours a day speaking, whether it's talking to pupils at lunchtime, or parents after school.

"We learned the importance of staying hydrated and lots of different tools to look after your voice. It is great to come back to the University where I studied my PGCE and see most of my classmates already working and still smiling."

Dr Ian Luke, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, said: ‘The University Partnership is passionate about working with schools, alliances and the city council in supporting newly qualified teachers.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for new teachers to engage with each other and keynote speakers to share experiences, cutting-edge knowledge and contemporary research.

Sessions included dealing with childhood bereavement, outdoor learning, and cyberbullying amongst other themes around pupil and teacher well-being.

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