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Steve Knightley Leads Creative Writing Workshop

Released: 18.03.14

Steve Knightley LARGE

Steve Knightley met writers from all years of BA (Hons) Creative Writing and played them seven songs, including material from Bob Dylan and folk, in order to open up discussion about narrative and melody as reference points to producing lyrics.

Steve plays to sell-out audiences in the Royal Albert Hall and frequently appears on programmes such as The Jeremy Vine Show, Andrew Marr, Simon Mayo and Michael Wood.

He shared information about the strong literary theory that underpins song-writing and how a professional can develop ideas. Steve sees song-writing as a craft and not an art, since the latter can excuse bad behaviour. Instead he said that the concept of craft sustains responsibility, is routed in tradition and forges a professional metier.

Steve suggested students should have a strong understanding of how their work references genres, traditions and ideas. He said, ‘You need a well accomplished and legitimate awareness of what others have done before. You need to start with what you love, what you know and what you see. Use personal experience and keep to emotional truth.’

Hayden Gabriel, Programme Leader for Creative Writing commented, 'In addition to welcoming one and all to these free events, The Visiting Writer series is an integral part of the Creative Writing degree programme, so that prior to the public evening session, students had enjoyed a class with Steve.  We very much admire his writing and entrepreneurship - both of which demonstrate the type of insight, diversity and professionalism the course seeks to develop in students of creative writing.'

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