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UCP Marjon Alumnus ordained as 97th Bishop of Winchester

Released: 25.01.12

An extremely significant day for UCP Marjon Alumnus, Reverend Canon Tim Dakin is consecrated to the Office of Bishop and is soon to become the 97th Bishop of Winchester. The Bishop of Winchester also takes a seat in the House of Lords.
Tim will be consecrated to the Office of Bishop in St Pauls Cathedral on 25th January 2012. This is achieved in an ordination service which includes the ‘laying on of hands’ when several other Bishops put their hands on Tim’s head whilst special prayers are said to pass on the authority of Bishop.
The second service (in a few weeks time at Winchester cathedral) is when Bishop Tim will take his enthronement as bishop of Winchester.
Tim, 53, Head of the Church Mission Society said:
"To be asked to be Bishop of Winchester is an amazing privilege and presents me with a wonderful opportunity to serve in a new way."
Tim was born to missionary parents in Tanzania and grew up both in East Africa and the UK. After studying theology at a UCP Marjon 1991 he was first ordained in 1993. 
For your interest: A diocesan bishop is selected through a lengthy process: Once a vacancy arises the diocese puts together a statement of particulars outlining the nature of Christian life in the diocese and hopes for the next Bishop. This is then presented to the Crown Nominations Commission which includes local and national members. It meets at least twice and researches and then interviews selected candidates before putting forward two nominations to Downing Street where the preferred candidate is traditionally accepted and presented to The Queen for approval.
We are all delighted for Tim and wish him every success.

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