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Visiting Professor Lectures on Sport and Social Media

Released: 06.05.14

Public Lecture 1 May Image

Many sport and journalism students attended the public lecture, including Jay Bayford, who has produced a dissertation entitled, ‘How social media has changed the art of sport reporting.’ He said of Professor Miah’s lecture, ‘He unearthed a few topics that I didn't expect to see and he really went into detail on everything he explained. Some of the things he spoke about, with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in particular, made me feel really positive about my dissertation. There is still much to discover about social media and although it isn't seen as an important link to sport and marketing, the sheer number of users make it the biggest and most important link to everything in the modern world.’

Professor Miah looked in depth at the London2012 Olympics and stated, ‘It is good to trust the public.’ He was referring to the episode when organisers requested the audience of a dress rehearsal not to repeat what at hey had seen, using the hashtash #savethesurprise.

London2012 also saw the perception of social media as a potential danger come to the fore, with the naivety of some athletes not always able to, ‘Understand the ambiguity of their tweets.’ Seb Co even went as far as to suggest Olympians should not use social media before competitions. However, Professor Miah questioned whether it sometimes helped them focus, feel supported and gain reinforcement.

He directed attention to the Paralympics video, which was created for social-media campaign and became, ‘The most innovative video see for ten years.’ Professor Miah also gave the audience an update on Sochi 2014.

The public lecture then covered the interplay of between the physical and digital worlds and the Professor said, ‘This has created new cultures around physical activities, including online dancing games, mountaineering and Formula One e-racing. There is a gamification of engagement with physical activities through devices and it has become more socialised. There is a strong crossover between the physical and digital.’

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