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Wiki Editathon Visits University

Released: 09.04.14

The day covered how to use Wikipedia for publicity, promotions, navigating around materials and understanding guidelines. It gave people insight into the mechanics of the website.

Adam Read, Senior e-Learning Technologist at the University said, ‘The editathon format is an excellent way for those new to editing articles on wiki-platforms such as Wikipedia to learn from more experienced authors, and to develop their understanding of some of the language and etiquette found within these communities. I'm interested in exploring how editathon events could be used with groups of students to support the collaborative, co-authoring of specialist subject content, and its submission via referenced articles to community-reviewed services like Wikipedia.’

The day drew people from many backgrounds, including volunteers, independent researchers and social-enterprise representatives. They found the seminar a golden opportunity to network with other local publicists and continue that networking with online-community support after the event.

Gillian Fewings, Historian and Archivist for the University said, ‘Wiki is a widely used, accessible and well-known platform for publicity and research.  It’s invaluable to have the chance to learn how to make it work for you. Lots of organisations such as social enterprise groups, local interest and history societies have limited resources and little opportunity to access training. The South West is sometimes not as well-served as other areas of the UK, so when we were offered the chance to host a workshop, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.’

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