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    UCAS Code: X360
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Why take this course

The BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs programme is an innovative degree programme which aims to reflect the changing theoretical and policy landscape in special educational needs and disability (SEND)

This is a degree for those who think that they may wish to work with children and young people who have special additional needs or are disabled and their families. The course allows you to explore what it is like to be an educator, what education is about and to explore these notions through an academic degree before undertaking training to EYTS or QTS standards. Some students might decide to pursue other educational careers and this degree supports a wide range of options. You do not need QTS Skills Tests prior to undertaking this degree.

This degree encourages you to explore the concepts of special educational needs, disability and impairment. It also supports you to develop your own personal philosophy of education through academic study and practical experience allowing you to experiment with your teaching style before formally being assessed. At no stage during this degree are you assessed in practice.



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Career Opportunities

On successful completion, our graduates will be equipped to engage with an increasing range of learning and employment opportunities associated with special educational needs and disability. Whilst many will no doubt intend to go on to EYT, primary or secondary teaching through School Direct, PGCE or PG Cert Early Years, other opportunities open to graduates might include Community Education, Integrated Services, Children’s Workforce Professionals, Health and Social Care, Family Support, Educational Management, Welfare and Administration and Pupil Support Roles,  – both in this country and internationally.  The understandings and skills developed during your time here will not limit you to these professions however, and we aim to ensure you develop the generic, holistic skills that employers are looking for in graduates of the twenty first century.

During the course you will be afforded opportunities to work in our partner settings and schools as part of your modules and on placement experiences.  This will give you the necessary experience for later application for EYT, School Direct or PGCE.  You do not need to have QTS Skills Tests for this course, however; you will need to achieve these prior to starting EYT, School Direct or PGCE.

Opportunities for postgraduate study and research are available at the University of St Mark and St John.

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What you will Learn

You will develop a broad based understanding of educational policy and practice theory that will underpin your knowledge of special educational needs and disability.  You will have an understanding of the centrality of literacy and numeracy within education.  You will become a critically reflective practitioner and be able to evaluate educational practice through placement opportunities. Throughout your degree you will be expected to develop a clear understanding of the ways in which theory and practice inform each other and will be well placed to continue your studies through PG Cert Early Years, School Direct or PGCE.

UCAS code
3 years full time. Part time available
Subject Area: ArmedForcesprogrammes, ChildrenYoungPeopleandCommunities, EducationandTeacherTraining

Our typical minimum entry requirements for applicants with A levels/AS levels/ BTEC is 260 points.
Applications from students with non-traditional qualifications are welcome.

Year 1
Six modules provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary grounding in the academic, critical and practical skills that will underpin and support your learning throughout your degree.  Modules will focus on the following areas: Child Development, this will be a double module demonstrating the significance of a solid understanding of the issues, How children learn to read and write, Language and Literacy Development, Physical Development and an experiential placement.

Year 2
Again, you will study six modules.  You will cover learning and teaching, key thinkers in education and research.  You will choose three further modules, these will be from the following: SEN and the inclusive classroom, Creative Education in the outdoors, Numeracy, Educational Leadership & Management.

Year 3
Of the six modules studied in your third year, you will take two modules for your Dissertation and following modules that are focussed on Special Educational Needs which include: Developing a Personal Philosophy of Education, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, Behaviour Management.

For details of undergraduate fees and funding visit the Fees and Funding page. 

Progamme Leader: Mel Feek

Programme team: 

Paul Sutton
Sue Wayman
Colin Dawson
Zenna Kingdon
Sally Eales
Sean Macblain
Janette Gourd
Julie Evans