Speech & language therapy placements

Clinical Placement Handbooks

Year 4 Placement Handbook 2016 (adobe .pdf, 631 kbs)

Year 3 Placement handbook 2016-17 (adobe .pdf, 635 kbs)

Year 1 Placement handbook 2016-17 (adobe .pdf, 621 kbs)

Year 2 University Learning To Date (adobe .pdf, 270 kbs)

BSc SLT Programme Handbook 2016-17 (adobe .pdf, 710 kbs)

Dysphagia Information

Dysphagia Across The Years (adobe .pdf, 76 kbs)

Other Guidelines

Case file consent form (adobe .pdf, 201 kbs)

Video consent form (adobe .pdf, 92 kbs)

Information on students (adobe .pdf, 60 kbs)

Client confidentiality guidance (adobe .pdf, 49 kbs)

Lone visiting (adobe .pdf, 61 kbs)

Placement educators (adobe .pdf, 59 kbs)