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Leaving Marjon isn't goodbye, it's hello to our alumni family.

Whether you've just graduated or have been away from us for a while, our alumni family will help to keep you involved. You'll have access to a range of benefits and services, be able to get involved in inspiring projects and attend exclusive events.

Keep your Marjon memories alive and stay in touch:

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Update your contact details using the form below. Please provide the following information (where possible) to enable us to identify your study records.

Surname while studying (if different)
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<% 'stage 2 - attempted to find alumnus elseif request.querystring("search") = "1" then 'tried to find someone! %>

<% if noresult = true then %> We were not able to find your study record using the details you provided. Please record your full details below and we will ensure our records are updated. <% else %> We have located your study details using the information you have provided. Please ensure the details we have are accurate and current. <% end if %>

<%if request.form("trgt") = "grd" then %> <% end if %>
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What made you visit the website today to update your details?ā€
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Supporting student recruitment
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Share your success story
We are proposing an Alumni graduation, this October as part of our graduation ceremonies, for those who graduated pre-1973 with a Certificate of Education ā€“ would you be interested in attending?
If you are not interested, please let us know why not?
If you are interested, how many guests would you be bringing?

How will this data be used?
We will use the information you have given us to update your contact details in our alumni database and to send you information relating to the preferences you have indicated. You can find our more about this in the University's privacy statement here.

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Thank you for updating your details and welcome to our Alumni family.

Keep informed of Alumni events via the University Alumni web pages.

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