Academic Board


What the board does

The Academic Board is responsible for overseeing the standards of the University's awards and for the development of its academic activities. A number of Associated Committees report to it, including the Faculty Boards of Study (FBS) and Research Committee (RC). For further details about Academic Board's responsibilities please see the Terms of Reference below.


Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Academic Board outline the constitution, membership, quorum, duties and reporting procedures for the committee. 


Who's who

Meet our members

The members of the Academic Board are:

  • The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • The Deans of Faculty
  • One member of academic staff from each Faculty with management responsibility
  • The Director of Learning and Digital Resources
  • The Director of Marketing and Student Experience
  • The Registrar (Secretary)
  • The Head of Library (or nominee) 
  • The Head of Student Support
  • The Quality and Academic Standards Manager
  • The President and Deputy President of the Students’ Union

The membership also includes:

  • Two members of academic staff, excluding Senior Management Group members and academic managers, elected by and from the academic staff of each Faculty: and
  • One member of the University’s professional services community elected by and from that community.

See also the Procedures for Appointment of Members.


Academic Board

The following committees are associated with Academic Board:

  • Appointments and Awards Advisory Panel (AAAP) 
  • Faculty Boards of Study (FBS)
  • Research Committee (RC)
  • Research Ethics Panel (REP)
  • Student Experience Council (SEC), informally via its minutes
  • Strategic Partnership Boards (SPB)