What the committee does

The Academic Standards & Student Experience committee is responsible for ensuring the university’s alignment to the QAA’s UK quality code for Higher Education & HEFCE assurance processes.


Terms of reference

Click below to read the terms of reference for the Academic Standards & Student Experience committee. These outline the constitution, membership, quorum, duties and reporting procedures for the committee.

Academic Standards & Student Experience Committee - Terms of Reference 2018/19

Who's who

Meet our members

The members of the Academic Standards & Student Experience committee are:


  • Vice-Chancellor - Rob Warner
  • Governor (Chair) - Michele Shoebridge
  • Governor -  Nick McKinnel
  • Governor -   Sue Brownlow
  • Governor - Cate Edmonds
  • Staff Governor -   Diana  Naylor
  • AB governor - Sue Cooper


  • Student Governor - Rhys Roberts
  • Student representatives x 2 
  • Executive Dean
  • Registrar
  • Clerk to the Board - Unity Stuart