Vice-Chancellor’s Office Group (VCOG) members

University Management - Professor Rob Warner

Vice- Chancellor

Professor Rob Warner

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rob Warner, is the principal officer of the University and is responsible for the academic leadership and executive management of the institution. The Vice-Chancellor chairs the University’s Academic Board, Senior Management Group, Professorial Advisory Panel and Honorary Degrees Advisory Panel and reports to the University’s Board of Governors. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice Chancellors, Faculty Deans and Executive Officer report directly to the Vice-Chancellor.

University Management - Dr Karen Cook

Deputy Vice- Chancellor

Dr Karen Cook

The Vice-Chancellor is supported by the Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Dr Karen Cook, who is also the University Secretary. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor chairs the University’s Academic Development Committee, Finance and Resources Committee, the Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee and provides advice to the Board of Governors. The Heads of Professional Services report directly to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

University Management - Professor Brendon Noble

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Brendon Noble

The Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and International, Professor Brendon Noble, leads the strategic development of research, enterprise, international partnerships, the taught postgraduate portfolio and research degree provision. The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate and Innovation chairs the University Research Committee and Research Degrees Panel. The Research Officer reports directly to the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate and Innovation.