Miscellaneous strategies & policies

Board of Governors Code of Conduct (adobe .pdf, 123 kbs)

Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (adobe .pdf, 230 kbs)

Fraud Response Plan (adobe .pdf, 140 kbs)

Website Privacy Policy (adobe .pdf, 99 kbs)

Data Protection Policy (adobe .pdf, 92 kbs)

Records Retention Policy (adobe .pdf, 294 kbs)

Financial Accounts 2014-15 (adobe .pdf, 2,586 kbs)

Financial Accounts 2013-14 (adobe .pdf, 5,469 kbs)

Financial Accounts 2012-13 (adobe .pdf, 10,746 kbs)

Financial Accounts 2011-12 (adobe .pdf, 1,007 kbs)

Financial Accounts 2010-11 (adobe .pdf, 7,853 kbs)

CCTV Policy (adobe .pdf, 199 kbs)

Records Retention Schedule (adobe .pdf, 338 kbs)

Ethics Policy 2014-15 (adobe .pdf, 108 kbs)

Records Management Policy (adobe .pdf, 320 kbs)

Ethical Investment Policy (adobe .pdf, 317 kbs)

Whistleblowing Policy (adobe .pdf, 412 kbs)

Environmental strategy (word .doc, 30 kbs)

This strategy documents the University’s responsibilities towards the environment and response to values and visions in line with the Strategic Plan 2014-2024 – Challenging Horizons.

Consultancy Policy and Procedures (adobe .pdf, 360 kbs)