Academic Strategies and Policies Framework

All academic-related strategies and policies are posted here. All corporate policies, strategies and schemes can be found at Miscellaneous strategies & policies.

Any queries relating to this section of the website should be addressed to Norman Jope, Academic Standards Officer ( Please note that the current versions of these strategies and policies posted on this section of the website are subject to review, in the context of an ongoing wider review of the Framework, and in some cases reflect earlier institutional structures and post titles.     

The Framework includes the University's Erasmus policies. Further details of Erasmus can be found here.

Academic Adviser Policy (adobe .pdf, 409 kbs)

Admissions Policy and Procedures (adobe .pdf, 339 kbs)

Assessment Policy (adobe .pdf, 411 kbs)

Compliance Policy (adobe .pdf, 580 kbs)

ERASMUS Language Policy (adobe .pdf, 201 kbs)

ERASMUS Policy (adobe .pdf, 330 kbs)

Intellectual Property Rights Policy (adobe .pdf, 259 kbs)

International Strategy (adobe .pdf, 587 kbs)

Open Access Policy (adobe .pdf, 359 kbs)

Peer Observation Policy (adobe .pdf, 686 kbs)

Research Strategy (adobe .pdf, 846 kbs)

Timetabling Policy (adobe .pdf, 379 kbs)