ICT Usage: Code of Practice for Students

These regulations, which can be found in the Policy and Procedures sub-section of the Computing and Media Services webpage, set out the conditions that are in place to provide users with a safe, reliable and resilient computing environment.

Library Regulations

These regulations, which can be found in the Rules and Regulations section of the Library's webpage, set out the conditions that are in place to provide both staff and students with an appropriate library service.

Data Protection Statement for Students

This Statement, which can be found at Data protection, sets out the rights and responsibilities of students with regard to data protection as informed by the relevant legislation.

Major Assessment Tasks (adobe .pdf, 397 kbs)

This document contains guidance on major assessment tasks, which include Dissertations, Honours Projects, Independent Study Modules and other modules of 30 credits or more with a single assessment point. They typically involve researching a topic which has been agreed and approved by a programme tutor.

Referencing and Scholarship (adobe .pdf, 504 kbs)

The University of St Mark & St John requires its students to follow the established practice of referencing. Students should always use the Marjon Referencing System,the general rules of which are set out in the attached document.