Module descriptors

ACT (Acting)

APR (Applied Professional Studies (Shell Award Framework)

ASP (Applied Sport Science for Coaching)

BMA (Business Management)

CCS (Church University Certificate)

CDV (Early Years (Child Development))   

CHE (Children's Physical Education)

COA (Coach and Physical Education)

CRW (Creative Writing)

CYC (Children, Young People and Communities)

DRP (Disability Research in Professional Practice)

ECR (English and Creative Writing)

ECS (Early Childhood Studies)

EDC (Education)

ELG (English Language and Linguistics)

ELY (Early Years)

EMB (Executive MBA)

ENG (English Literature)

ERY (Early Years) - FdA

EYP (Early Years with Professional Status)

EYT (Early Years EYITT - Postgraduate)

FCD (Football Coaching and Development) - phasing out

FDV (Football Development and Coaching)

GMB ((Full Time) MBA)

GPS (BEd Secondary modules)

HEP (Health, Exercise and Physical Activity)

IED (Centre for International Education modules)

JAM (Journalism) - from 2015/16

JRN (Journalism) - pre 2015/16

LAM (Leadership and Management)

LCS (Speech & Language / Linguistics modules)

LDB (London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS))

LET (Learning and Teaching)

LMU (Live Music)

LMX (Live Music - 2 yr accelerated course)

MBC (Management and Business Communication)

MEP (Media Production)

MPR (Music Production)

OAD (Outdoor Adventure Education) - from 2016/17

OAE (Outdoor Adventure Education) - pre 2016/17

PAE (Performing Arts Education)

PCM (Coaching and Mentoring)

PDV (Professional Development)

PEN (Professional Enquiry)

PEY (Primary and the Early Years)

PFS (Professional Studies)

PGS (PGCE Secondary... modules)

PHE (Physical Education - BEd)

PHS (Physical Education - BA) - pre 2016/17

PME (Primary Education - BEd)

PMY (Primary Education (Early Years))

PRI (Primary Education) - from 12/13

PRU (Primary Education (BA)) - from 2016/17

PSE (Physical Education - BA) - from 2016/17

PTH (Practical Theology)

PYC (Psychology)

RSE (Rehabilitation in Sport and Exercise)

SAH (Sport, Physical Activity and Health)

SCC (Strength and Conditioning) - pre 2016/17

SCO (Sport Coaching)

SDE (Sports Development)

SDT (School Direct)

SES (Sport and Exercise Science)

SHS (Faculty of Sport & Health Science) - Faculty wide modules

SLS (Speech and Language Sciences)

SME (Sports Media)

SOC (Sociology)

SOP (Social Policy)

SPD (Sport Development)

SPO (Sports; Generic / Shared Modules)

SPT (Sports Therapy - Exeter College)

SSC (Social Science)

STC (Strength and Conditioning) - from 2016/17

STH (Sports Therapy)

SVC (Sports Development and Coaching)

TEO (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

ULM (University Certificate in Leadership and Management)

YCW (Youth and Community Work - Postgraduate)