Student Regulations Framework 2016-17 (CURRENT VERSION)

The Student Regulations Framework, which is updated annually, is designed to provide students and staff with essential information about the University of St Mark & St John. It contains both general information applicable to all students and the academic regulations specific to all the University's taught programmes. It complements the information included in the Marjon Student Handbook: an interactive version can also be acccessed via the Marjon Student Handbook here.

Further information may also be circulated to students at any time under the terms and conditions set out on the Academic documents page of this website and students should ensure that they familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions. The University accepts no liability if a student fails to do so.

Please note that Section 15 of the Framework has been subject to recent revision. Pending the updating of the interactive version, the PDF of the individual section takes precedence. 

Any enquiries about the Student Regulations Framework should be addressed to Norman Jope, Academic Standards Officer (