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Animated graphic score to be created by 'human instrumentalist'

Released: 05.07.16

MondriSonic from Tim Sayer on Vimeo.

A bio-feedback score generating system devised by University staff is being used to open the 4th International Performance Studies Network Conference. 

Taking place at Bath Spa University on Thursday July 14 at 18:30, 'Mondrisonic' will be projected onto a 50ft media wall. 

Tim Sayer and Andy Visser have been undertaking research in the area of bio-feedback and human computer interface design in the context of musical improvisation. 

For this performance, the researchers created a visual animated musical “score” inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian, which Visser responds to on bass clarinet. Sayer as “brain performer” then listens to the music, and an EEG signal interprets his brain signals and stimulates a change in the score on the screen.

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