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Fly-on-the-wall Film of Plymouth Barbers Wins Award

Released: 20.11.15

In the chair

Two budding filmmakers from Plymouth have won an award from the Royal Television Society for their fly-on-the-wall documentary of a barber shop.

The owners of Wyatt’s Barbers in Wolseley Road, Ford, agreed to let Keiron Reed and Patrick Tompkins from the University of St Mark & St John, film customers as they had their usual 'short, back and sides'.

Rachel Smith, joint business owner with Colin Wyatt, said: “We enjoyed watching the film when it was complete and it gave us lots of laughs.

“Customers were a bit aware of the camera at first, but they soon relaxed and the banter flowed. The link was added to our Facebook page and has been seen by a lot of people and we have received good feedback about it.”

Warning -  The film contains strong language.

Kieron Reed, the journalism student behind the idea, said: “We wanted to produce a film that would show people in a vulnerable state and the barber’s chair is one of those places.

“The best thing was finding out the truth about normal people when they can’t hide behind anything. There were some crazy things that we didn’t put in the film, such as customers really opening up about their personal relationships.

“Instead of using a water spray, the stylists used a Jack Daniels bottle, and we shot some close-ups of that, but the most effective moments were when we just put the camera in front of the customer and let it roll.”

His coursemate Patrick Tompkins added: “We were so happy to win the award and grateful to all the customers, as not one person refused to be filmed.”

Both students hope to use their degrees from the University of St Mark & St John to continue their careers in the media.

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