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He's through - Ben Proud in Olympic final with a new British record

Released: 11.08.16

Marjon student Ben Proud does it again. In his main event, the ‘splash and dash’ 50m freestyle, Proud smashed a new British record with an outstanding time of 21.54 seconds taking him through to the final.

In the earlier heats on Thursday afternoon he finished in 21.83 seconds.

When we spoke to Proud back in April during training, he said: “Obviously the emotions on the day will be completely up and down, but for now, I’m just trying to keep my head down and focus because I have to be as best prepared as I can for that time.

“Nerves are definitely some of the big things. When you get to a final with big names next to you it’s quite hard to keep your mind focused, but I think over the past couple of years I’ve learned how to control it and any race is always the same, no matter whether it’s a regional race or the Olympic finals; all you have to do is go in and give it your best shot.”

Asked about his race day routine, Proud said: “It changes but I always go through the same routine in terms of getting myself ready. I don’t tend to share what I do mentally, but I motivate myself quite a lot before the race. ‘Work hard in silence and let success be your noise', I think that quote works quite well for me.”

All eyes on are Proud now as he steps up against the world’s best in the finals on Saturday at 2.44am.


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