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JAM gets an Italian flavour

Released: 06.03.15

Marco Berton, an Italian journalist who writes for ‘Volonwrite’, a website focused on social topics such as disability, integration and diversity, has joined JAM, the Journalism and Media department for three months.

He said: “I’ve never imagined, sooner or later, to be part of a Ken Loach film plot. Living in a suburb, in a community house behind the huge naval base in Devonport, taking a bus early every morning to get work.

“I have to admit, the amount of amazing stuff I have done since my arrival, definitely makes me say yes, I’m in the right place to improve my media and English language skills. It’s like being in an American campus placed in a stunning Devon landscape.

“Furthermore, the friendly staff of the Journalism and Media Department are giving me a big hand while I am planning and managing a TV news show, writing pieces for the students’ magazine ‘The Doughnut’ and taking part in the development of Jam Radio.

“I’ve also visited Screenology, the film-making school based in Bristol. It’s a place where you can keep in touch with all the new trends in cinema, from promotion to production, from film industry systems to equipment, and more.

“In the end, I have to express my happiness to stay in Plymouth: a big city with a rural heart overlooking the ocean.  I can find whatever I want or just chill out walking around the Hoe, the Barbican, or take a train to Cornwall and other sights.”

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