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New Student Union Team Takes Up Post

Released: 01.07.15

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Students at the University of St Mark & St John will have new representation this week as Charlotte Hook joins the Marjon Student Union (MSU) team as Deputy President.

Keeping his seat for a second year, Dan Whitby remains Student Union President and Charlotte is voted in as his deputy. The new team took up office on 29 June and is looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.

Dan Whitby, held on to his reign with a strong poster and twitter campaign on campus using the hashtag #OneMoreYear.

He said: “I’m delighted to be able to implement some key changes for 2015/16 which include the introduction of 20 new societies across diverse subject areas in addition to our existing high quality sports club and society provision.”

New Deputy President Charlotte Hook, taking over from Patrick Charles, said the special close-knit community for students who live on campus should be extended to all students, including mature students, those who live off site or don’t play sports. This is something she will focus on achieving.

She will also implement more non-drinking events and set up a radio society. She said: “This will allow students to showcase their talents whilst advertising the Student Union and University events, and there is potential to develop a student newspaper.”

The new the MSU team are:

Entertainment Officer - Elias McGill

Media Officer - Tessa Johnson

Women’s Officer -  Harriet Ogier

Mature Officer - Colin Hamilton

Sports Officer - Sasha Perrim

Diversity Officer - Shelly Harris

Campaigns Officer - Dylan Moss

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