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Student paid to eat pepperoni pizza live on Radio 2

Released: 07.01.15

Sports Journalism student Dan Cole reported live from Derriford hospital for BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show today. The BBC show based in London, needed a reporter at the new Pizza Hut outlet that has opened within Derriford hospital’s new multi-storey car park. The hospital has banned deliveries from the store to staff and patients in the hospital and Dan was on hand to give his report live to the nation and had to taste the pizza live on air.

Dan really enjoyed his chance to report on live radio: “this was a great opportunity to use the skills I’ve learnt on the course get some real life experience of reporting on such a high profile programme.” Dan’s segment was part of a wider debate on fast food delivery to patients on hospital wards.

The Journalism  and Sports Journalism students at the University of St Mark and St John are trained to respond quickly to breaking stories within the press and publish stories across a wide variety of platforms including TV and radio. The Jeremy Vine Show’s producer telephoned Sarah McAdam the Programme Leader for Journalism offering one of the students a slice of success. They needed a reporter at short notice and the course has many students that are more than happy to help out, “We often get requests from people that need some press attention and we see this type of work as really valuable for our students. They are well prepared for this kind of work and it gives them great experience”.

You can listen to Dan’s report on BBC iPlayer just after the one o’clock news (7/01/15)


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