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Where are You Now?

Released: 20.07.15

Where are you now-INNER

An initiative called ‘Pop it on a Postcard’ has been launched to celebrate youth and community workers.

The collaboration between the Faculty of Education & Social Science and Employability Team will feed into future research projects.

Christine Smith, Senior Lecturer at the University of St Mark & St John, said: “We know the role of youth workers is vital to improving the lives of young people, their families and communities and to reconnect with graduates in this field and measure the impacts those individuals have made will celebrate the great work that has taken place since our postgraduate program began in 1989.

Jo Lake, Head of Employability at the University, said: “The beauty of this type of project is that it creates networks of professionals who are working in the sector, it also allows potential students and new graduates to understand how people migrate to different types of jobs during the lifespan of their career.  

“This information is vital to help those entering the industry understand the types of opportunities available to them, and to inform the development of our programmes”.

Marylyn Smith, Workforce Development Manager for England at the Youth Development Agency, added: “This project will add to the research about the positive impact people in the profession have; on health, safety and wellbeing for young people and their families.

“To share these stories online will undoubtedly encourage others to explore careers in youth and community work and illustrate how youth work training equips people to help others have better futures and will add colour to the picture of what is often challenging, but incredibly rewarding work. It might also put colleagues in touch with old friends and allow them to make connections for new opportunities and share best practice.”

Gill Millar from the Youth Unit added: “I am delighted to see the launch of this project and reward the achievements of a diverse and talented workforce. I hope that many people will visit the website and share their stories”

To share your story, click ‘Where Are You Now?’. To find out about studying Youth & Community Work register to visit an Open Day.

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