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Dr Lynsey Parrott

Senior Lecturer

School of Health & Wellbeing

01752 636700 Ext:5644

Lynsey Parrott

Role Summary


I am a practising speech and language therapist working with people (children and adults) who use augmentative and alternative communication. My teaching role at the university includes professional knowledge and skills (year 3), AAC, evidence-based practise, developmental communication disorders, paediatric motor-speech disorders, paediatric dysphahgia, child development, discourse, people in context and the Marjon Connect scheme.



  • Doctorate in Clinical Research, University of Exeter, UK
  • Masters of Health Science in speech-language pathology, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) Latrobe Universtiy, Melbourne, Australia



  • Paediatric dysphagia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Augmentative communication
  • Professional knowledge and skills
  • Developmental communication disorders



  • Doctorate in Clinical Research with University of Exeter. Thesis entitled 'Communication particiaption of adult aided communicators with cerebral palsy: a discourse analytic approach.'
  • Assessment and management of children with dysphagia, saliva control problems in children and young adults with cerebral palsy, augmentative communication systems, provision of speech and language therapy to rural communities.
  • My current research interests are the interactional competence of adults with cerebral palsy who use AAC: young adults with cerebral palsy and dysarthria: development of professional skills on clinical placements: and quality improvements in student learning.



Parrott, L., Pettit, E., Mallinson, A., Knox, P., Bates, S., & Callard, J. (2021). How was it for you? University practice educators’ reflections on delivering a creative clinical placement during the COVID-19 pandemic in the the UK. Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology, 23(3), 134–139.

Parrott, L., Pettit, E., Mallinson, A., Callard, J., Knox, P., Bates, S., Law, C. & Stewart, J. (2021). Squaring the circle: Rapid in-house placement expansion using virtual patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Celebrating and Disseminating Good Practice across Health Care Professions. Health Education England, SW. 

Parrott, L. (2016). Communication Participation of Adult Aided Communicators In M.Smith & J.Murray (Eds.) The Silent Partner. London: J&R press

Parrott, L. (2014). A discourse analysis of adult aided communication. ISAAC conference proceedings.

Pettit, E., Evans, J. & Parrott, L. (2014) Conversation partners for adult aided communicators - a pilot study. ISAAC conference proceedings.

Parrott, L., Pettit, E., & Leather, M. (2012). Up the creek without a communication aid: Speech and language therapy and outdoor adventure education. in What is research-led teaching; Multidisciplinary perspectives. HEFCE.

Parrott, L. & Pettit, E. (2012). "I feel like a normal person" - a qualtiative reseacrch project. ISAAC conference proceedings.

Parrott, L. (2012) Enhancing student learning - a quality improvement project. RCSLT conference proceedings.

Parrott, L., Pettit, E., & Leather, M. (2010).  Memories of a outdoor adventurous pursuits - adults with cerebral palsy. ISAAC conference proceedings.

Hall, F., Mallinson, A. & Parrott, L. (2010). Using the interprofessional dysphagia framework in undergraduate teaching. Dysphagia Research Conference; London.

Selley, W., Parrott, L., Lethbridge, P., Flack, F., Ellis, R. Johnston, K., Foumeny, M. & Tripp, J. (2001) Objective measures of dysphagia complexity in children related to suckle feeding histories, gestational ages and classification of their cerebral palsy. 'Dysphagia'. 16: 200-207.

Expert Membership of professional bodies


  • Member of Health and Care Professions Council
  • Member of RCSLT
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy

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