Audition information

Audition Information

BA (hons) Acting – application and selection process.



Apply through UCAS

Candidates will be selected and invited to an audition date based on their personal statement and education history.




The majority of Auditions will take place between late January and April.

They will last for a morning or an afternoon approximately 4 hours.

The audition process will include:

  • Registration
  • An Introduction to the course 
  • A Campus tour  
  • A Group workshop
    (covering physical, vocal, group work and improvisation skills)
  • Individual auditions/interviews
    (candidates will be asked to present their monologues and be redirected, this will be followed by a short interview)


What you should prepare:

Candidates should prepare two contrasting monologues for the individual audition, one classical and one modern, no longer than two minutes each.

Candidates should attend the audition in loose clothing they can move in and be willing to work in bare feet.