Picking Up The Fallen

 An original devised piece for a centenary commemoration of the beginning of world war one.

Made up of real letters home from the front line, the piece was performed at 11am on the 11th of November 2014 commemorating the 1,100 students of the colleges of St Mark and St John that served in 'The Great War'.

Audience Feedback:

"A very moving Remembrance service @marjonuni today. Great performance by @TheActorsWheel with 1,100 'poppies' planted for our fallen."

"An excellent Remembrance Day event, which was beautifully and sensitively performed."

"It was moving, poignant and very appropriate to have the letters read out by exactly the age group who were worst affected. They brought them to life like noone else would have."

"We are all completely blown away by the performance... i've never seen anything quite like it."

"What you have done is truly beautiful. We are in debt to you as a University."

"I was really moved by the performance this morning... very impressive."

"A wonderfully moving performance in the rain."

"The vision to create, then the skill to enact such a poignant topic in such a way was a credit to all."

"Absolutely wonderful. Very moving, poignant and beautifully done. Thanks to all who made it such a memorable event."

"I was moved to tears and felt very proud of our University, the staff and our wonderful students."

"Everytime I started to write an email to you to say how moving and amazing this morning's event was - especially the singing at the end - I found myself welling up."

"We were very pleased to join the sensitive and beautiful commemoration yesterday for the fallen soldiers. The misery of the rain and mud reminded us of the terrible conditions in the trenches. As officers in the Royal Navy of Oman, we feel for the suffering of all those affected by conflict. We understand the pain of war and hope and pray that peace will sperad through the world.

Tomorrow is our last day at the University, after 4 month's study here. Next week we are going to Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. Thank you - we shall miss you all."

Omani Junior Officers Group July - November 2014.