The Tempest

The Tempest was the Actor's Wheel's first touring production, touring across the South West Region May/June 2014.

'A versatile eighteen strong ensemble bring the isle to life in this high energy, physical interpretation of Shakespeare's final play. This magical reinvention of the classic play utilises live music and choral song, alongside dynamic physicality, marking the first 'Actor's Wheel' production.'

'The overall style and feel reminded me of Peter Brooks 1970 production of 'A Midsummers Night Dream' which i was fortunate in seeing. For such a young company this was a very high quality performance and one I wish others could have the opportunity to see"

"Last nights performance at the Cygnet Theatre Exeter by The Actor's Wheel company was dynamic, ingenious and compelling"

"A brilliant aesthetically stunning production"


"I have seen many Tempests, one with Patrick Stewart in the role of Prospero and with all the production values a designer could wish for, but I have to say that this was one of the most impressive. The storm was ingenious! So simple, but so effective."

"It was (insert swear word here) BRILLIANT! We thoroughly enjoyed it - hope the rest of the tour goes well for you all"

"Right - Twitterers - saw @theactorswheel put on The Tempest on Fri. Freaking brilliant! i dunt arx you for much. i arx you to follow 'em!"

"Can't recommend #thetempest @exeterignite cos it was the last show but it was bloody good. A great start for a new company @the actor's wheel"

"I often attend plays. especially Shakespeare's performed by professionals and i completely forgot when watching The Tempest that I wasn't watching professionals perform this"

"We thought it was so good and they all put on such an excellent performance we are going back to see it tonight at the Barbican Theatre"

"I can hardly wait for the UK tour - well done - everyone!"


14 -16 May 7:30pm
The Desmond Tutu Theatre - University of St Mark & St John

23 May 7:30pm Sterts Theatre (near Liskeard)

30 May 7:30pm Barbican Theatre - Plymouth

2 & 3 June Exeter Ignite Festival - New Theatre

Tempest Flyer (adobe .pdf, 3,916 kbs)

Tempest Reviews (adobe .pdf, 107 kbs)