What our students are doing

Examples of work

We are just going into our second year of existance, below are some highlights of the work from our first cohort already:

2014 - Acting for Camera demo-reel:

2014 - Christmas Show - Cinderella Re-imagined:


The Tempest regional tour.

Picking Up The Fallen remembrance day event.

External work experience and employment:

In addition to the work inside the course we actively encourage our 'trainee actors' to gain work experience, signposting them to opportunities and occassionally holding external auditions for them to try out for.

This past year we managed to help our students succesfully gain 26 individual engagements in external professional practice, across 9 professional companies and auditions with many more:

3 Film Companies - two short films (one for a television broadcast) and one feature film.
3 Theatre Companies - one performing at the Edinburgh Festival, and another touring the festival circuit over the whole summer (approx 8 festivals).
2 Roleplay Companies - both related to medical training.
1 Events company - for a themed 'scare run' on Bodmin Moor.