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Kit lists for sports courses

University kit is available to buy from Custom Athletics and new stock is arriving regularly, therefore if any items are shown as “sold out” please check back within a few days.

The list below shows the minimum you are expected to have for your course, you are of course welcome to purchase additional products if you wish but only the products shown in the list should be worn on your course.

BEd Secondary Physical Education, BEd Primary Education (Physical Education) and PGCE Secondary Education with PE:

  • Polo top
  • Challenger skinny pant
  • Contact jacket or hoodie or waterproof jacket

BA Sports Development, BA Sports Development & Coaching and FdA Sports Development & Coaching:

  • Technical tee
  • Challenger skinny pant
  • Contact jacket or hoodie or waterproof jacket

BA Primary PE and BA Primary PE with Dance, BA Sport Coaching and PE

  • Polo Shirt or a Technical Tee (recommend that you need 2 of these tops)
  • ¼ zip top or a hoodie
  • Challenger skinny pant
  • Shorts are optional
  • A waterproof jacket is optional

BSc Sport & Exercise Science and BSc Health and Wellbeing Practitioner:

  • Polo top or technical tee 
  • Full zip track pant or challenger skinny pant 

Bsc Football Science

  • Performance Polo top x2 or technical tee and polo shirt
  • Challenger skinny pant
  • Optional hoodie and/or waterproof jacket.

BA Sports Coaching and BA Football Coaching and Development:

  • Polo top
  • Full zip track pant or challenger skinny pant
  • Contact jacket or hoodie or waterproof jacket 

BSc Sport Business Management

  • Technical tee or polo shirt

BA Outdoor Adventure Education:

  • Polo top

BSc Sports Therapy and BSc Rehabilitation in Sport & exercise:

  • Polo top x2
  • Challenger skinny pant
  • Hoodie or ¼ zip top

MSc Sport Rehabilitation

  • Technical tee OR polo top x1