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BA (Hons) Liberal Arts

Are you creative and curious? Would you like to hone your thinking skills and learn to critique and persuade? A Liberal Arts degree opens the doors to many professions while you study all the things you love!

Design your own course by choosing from a wide array of modules

Entry requirements

Three A-levels at grades CCC or above

Or BTEC triple grades MMM or above

Or Access 23-45 D/M with min 6D

And GCSE English Language at grade 4 or grade C or above

New course for September 2022

UCAS points 96

UCAS code LIB1

Duration Three years full-time

Course Summary

If you've got so many interests that you can't decide exactly which course to choose then BA (Hons) Liberal Arts could be for you. You get to choose from a whole host of modules, giving you the opportunity to explore many subjects.

Liberal Arts explores modules and subjects which are rooted in creative arts and humanities. It develops your understanding of wider social, cultural and political issues. You'll be introduced to the liberal arts approach to study which develops your critical thinking by creating projects which draw on a range of disciplines. You'll design your own course, choosing the options that best reflect your interests from the wide range of modules available.

Liberal Arts is a well-known degree choice in the USA. If you're weighing up options across arts, humanities and social sciences, the Liberal Arts degree could give you the range of intellectual topics you desire.

Why this course at Marjon?

Study a wide range of subjects. Be a free-thinking, curious citizen who understands how to make an impact within their communities.

Develop critical thinking and essential transferrable skills for the workplace.

Facilities include our TV and radio journalism centre on the BBC campus in Plymouth and our on-site Arts Centre with 300-seat theatre.

Modules for this course


1st Year

Making connections
This immersive module introduces you the subject of Liberal Arts and allows you to connect all of the module options with your progression throughout the degree. Look at the world through the lens of the Liberal Arts.
Visual culture
You'll learn to look at art, films, photography, fashion, graphics, magazines and advertising and make meaning from the visual world. You'll deconstruct and analyse various visual sources and styles by situating their work in the wider political and social sphere.
Critical theories and discourse
By critiquing the power structures and constructs within society we are able to understand the creation of a wide range of cultural practices. Understanding the way society functions helps us to contribute to the future.
Choice of optional modules
Choose from the following modules: acting for media; ancient to contemporary history; digital storytelling; early human history; fast new; global theatre perspectives; health and wellbeing; historical theory; innovation, science and technology; making headlines; mapping history; narrative and biography; re-imagining Shakespeare; serious skills (for journalists); singing and music - theory and practice 1; and social psychology.

2nd Year

Defining research within the Liberal Arts
Create an exciting research project situated within the Liberal Arts and drawing on a wide variety of research methods.
Professional practice
Get ready to apply your skills to the world of work and create a range of job hunting materials such as CVs, websites, social media, pitches and interview techniques.
Archives and artefacts
History is a hands on subject and in this module you develop practical knowledge and understanding of collections and materials preserved for historical enquiry, and what the vision and values are of those who have preserved them. We'll explore the Marjon Archive for a full experience...
Choice of optional modules
Choose from the following modules: actor as theatre maker; developmental psychology, diversity in English; firebrand literature, from shelf to screen, history studies; investigative journalism; people management for enterprise; pod sounds; rebellion, revolution and conflict; singing and music - theory & practice 2; slow journalism; social psychology in context; theatre for social change, the big show; the hustle; the landscape of identity; through the eyes of others; and trending now.

3rd Year

Honours Project
Choose a practical or theory based research project and select your subject, with full support from your dissertation supervisor.
Choice of optional modules
Choose from the following modules: changing landscapes; community psychology; discord, disaster and dreams; history in your future; mental health and young people; religion and thought; power and persuasion; power and politics; the big show 2; the buzz feeder; the summer edition; and the newsroom.

This course is perfect if you're curious about

How and why has visual culture become so important in our society?

What is the future of social media?

How do local communities respond to world events?

How does society ensure that movements like Black Lives Matter have impact and affect change?

What is culture and how do we read it?

Who owns the media and who decides what we know?

What might you become?

As critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers, graduates of a liberal arts degree will be well-suited to postgraduate study and careers across various sectors such as arts, PR, journalism, civil service, politics, media, education, libraries and archives.

How you’ll be taught and assessed?

How will you be taught?

Includes debate, workshops, practicals and discussion. 

How will you be assessed?

Course work such as essays, presentations and practical work.

Course leader

Dr Natalie Raven

Natalie Raven is a performance artist with over 10 years professional experience in industry, presenting and exhibiting her work across Europe and North America. She is a specialist in performer training who teaches and researches feminist performance; sex, gender, and the body in performance; and contemporary performance making technique.

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Fees and funding

Fees UK students: £9250 per annum

Fees for International students: £12,500 per annum


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