Awarded TEF Silver award.
linguistics degree

Course Snapshot

Dr Stephen Disney - Course Leader

"Your first year is spent describing language and speech and is very ‘hands on’ with many practical sessions. You also start learning about how human communication works; what the pitfalls are and how people talk in various professional environments like medicine, education and business. In your second year you build on this knowledge to learn in-depth about language in the mind, in social life and across the world. You’ll have an amazing opportunity to put those skills into practice in a work placement that you can choose for yourself, or do a project on something that really grabs you! Your third year questions might include; what are the ‘rules’ of conversation? How do children and adults learn language? How and why might language disorders occur? Why are some things people say considered rude? Why do people battle illness, say cheer up, and talk about floods of migrants?"

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