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Professional Development for Teachers

1998,1999 and 2002 (Art)

2000,2001,2003,2005 and 2008 (English Language)

The University of St Mark & St John provided training in art education and in English language teaching to groups of teachers (16 to 30 in each cohort) over periods ranging from four to eight weeks. This training was carried out in Plymouth as part of a major  international project to bring school education in Chile up to date by providing opportunities for teachers to learn about good practice and new ideas within their own field as applied in school systems in other countries.  Some English courses included course preparation training shortly before departure from Chile and a follow-up visit to Chile six months later to assess the impact of training components delivered by University of St Mark & St John trainers.

This work is described in Hall M (2006) Making a Difference: Setting up Classroom-Based Projects in Chile, available at:

Since 2010 students from Universidad Chiléno Britanica de Cultura (UCBC) have attended undergraduate courses during a one-month studyabroad placement at the University of St Mark & St John.

Other activity with Chile included: English teachers from Chile doing Master’s degrees in English Language Teacher Training at the University of St Mark & St John, University staff delivering papers at conferences in Chile (2002, 2004, 2006), and two professors of English from Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Chile (UTEM) undertaking a professional attachment at Marjon in 2005.