Cultural differences/being away from home

Cultural Differences & Culture Shock

Culture is the way in which we deal with the basic problems of human life: 

Food, Government, Family Organisation, Shelter, Law and Order, Celebrations, Clothing, Religion and Education

Our Culture is our set of values in such areas as:

Gender, Race, Sexuality

Our Culture may govern:

Our communications; How we relate to others; How we view the world around us

British Culture has its own character.  You can find out more about this by looking on-line at the Education UK website, or have a look at which gives free information, in clear English, about life in the UK.

Culture Shock

When you arrive in Britain you may be very excited and positive about being in a different culture.  But as the reality of deeper cultural differences sinks in this excited feeling may wear away.  You may start to miss friends, family and places and you may begin to have doubts about your new environment.  

This is a very normal feeling and even very experienced travellers may feel homesick when they are away from the familiarity of their own culture.  This feeling is sometimes called Culture Shock.  It is a good idea to read about it so you are prepared for the feelings you may experience and you know what you can do to help yourself.

Please come and see the International Office, if you are feeling distressed by feelings of Culture Shock.  No problem or feeling is ever too small to worry about, and it always helps to talk about things.