Police registration

Police registration

If you are going to be staying in Britain for more than six months you may find that your passport has been stamped by with "Register with UK Police on arrival" or "Register with the Police within seven days". 

To register with the police you need to go to the police station (although Crownhill police station is closer to the University College, Charles Cross is a bigger police station with more staff which means you may be seen more quickly).  It takes about 20 minutes to register.  The police will ask for:

  • Your passport
  • Two passport photos
  • £34 payment (in cash - with the exact money)

The police will take your passport away and keep it for about three weeks.  It is therefore a good idea not to register with the police until AFTER you have opened a bank account or done anything else that requires you to show your passport.  The police will return your passport to the police station after about three weeks and you will be able to go and collect it.

During your stay in Britain you must let the police know if you change your address or if you extend your visa.

For help with this please ask any member of the Welfare Team