Luggage allowance

Luggage allowance

Individual airlines have very strict rules as to how much luggage you are allowed to bring with you.  Before you travel you should check the size and weight of your suitcase and hand luggage to make sure it is within the limits set by your airline company.  Remember this will also apply when you go home so be careful not to buy too many heavy souvenirs! If you do have a lot of extra luggage when you return home it may be cheaper to ship it back to your country rather than pay the excess baggage costs at the airport. 

Bringing food items from home can be problematic. There are very strict rules on bringing meat, fish and dairy products into the UK from outside the European Union. Our advice to you is not to pack any food items, especially not in your suitcases.

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Remember to keep your immigration documents and the paperwork from the University with you in your hand luggage as you will need to produce this to the Immigration Officer when you enter the UK.

Medical Certificates and X-rays

You may have been told that you will need a medical examination when you arrive at the airport in the UK . If you can obtain a medical certificate and a chest X-ray from your doctor before you leave home, then the medical examination may not be necessary. This is what the British High Commission says on its official website:

The UK Immigration Rules require some categories of travellers to be referred to the Port Medical Inspector for a medical examination on arrival in the UK. If you are intending to stay more than six months it is likely that the Immigration Officer will refer you to a Port Medical Inspector. The Medical Inspector may then ask you to have a chest x-ray to check for tuberculosis, although they might waive this requirement if you can produce a record of a recent medical examination and chest x-ray done in your home country. At busy times, for example around the start of the academic year, these requirements can mean delays on arrival. But the UK Immigration Service and Port Health authorities aim to keep any delays to a minimum.

If you think you may be required to have a medical examination we advise you to try to arrange to get this done before you leave. We also need to remind you to carry your medical certificates and X-rays in your hand luggage rather than in your suitcase.