Questions about Marjon

What can I study at the University of St Mark & St John?

We offer a wide range of courses of interest to international students: everything from short course ELT training courses to PhD programmes. Click here for a full list.

What type of institution is the University of St Mark & St John?


The University of St Mark & St Johnis a higher education institution in the state sector. As a University, it is able to issue itsn own degrees to prepare students for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and teaching qualifications. It has a high international profile and its staff frequently work on training programmes, projects and consultancies overseas.


St Mark and St John sounds very Christian to me


It was founded by the Church of England in the 1840s and is still supported by the Church to this day. This provides a spiritual focus to the campus. The University is however a multi-faith community and many of our students are members of other religious communities.

Can I get a scholarship?


A bursary of £1,000 will be awarded to international students from overseas (whether self-payers or government/employer sponsored) from specified countries who are studying full-time programmes. The programme must last a minimum of one academic year (eligibility in subsequent years of study is dependent on satisfactory progression) and the student must pay the full-time international rate tuition fee. Please contact International Office for more information.

Teachers in European countries enrolling for short courses may be eligible for a grant through the Comenius programme. More information is given on our page.