MA Professional Studies - Leadership & ManagementDirect Applicants

    Course Overview

    Duration: 3 years part-time.
  • This work-centred, project-based programme allows you to investigate and respond to the changing demands in your professional context. It affords you the opportunity to get involved with the planning processes necessary to meet the professional challenges which crop up during these shifts. It’s rooted in the concept of action research: responding to issues as and when they emerge.

    On completion of this course, students will find themselves at a pivotal point in their careers. Armed with the skills and knowledge to make the right strategic decisions within their profession, they’ll be able to progress to the next level with confidence.



    Whether you’re new to leadership and management or you want to develop your existing skills, this course is the idea environment in which to explore your potential and uncover new strengths.

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Each stage of the programme (PG Cert, PG Dip, MA) is based on a 60 credit module which is delivered through a project.

1st Year
  • Stage one: PG Cert - Conceptual and Theorectical Discourses


2nd Year
  • Stage two: PG Dip - Contemporary Contextual Issues

3rd Year

Stage three: MA Masters Project - Developmental Considerations

Entry Requirements & Fees

Career Opportunities

Course Leader

This course is led by Dr Carl Evans, a CPD expert with research specialisms in management development, graduate careers, employability and part-time working. Dr Evans conducts the course with enthusiasm, encouraging students to explore new ideas with critical appreciation.