MRes English LiteratureDirect Applicants.

    Course Overview

    Duration: One year full-time or up to three years part-time.
  • MRes English Literature is an individual project based Masters programme. The programme enables the academic study of English Literature at masters level in the context of theoretical and contextual issues and debates which affect and shape the subject. It is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students, including graduates who are seeking to specialize in English Literature, practitioners in the subject who may be seeking to make the professional transition from FE to HE delivery and research, and teachers wishing to specialize further in their subject.

    All students on the programme engage in rigorous and intellectually challenging research projects in order to develop an advanced critical appreciation of English Literature as a subject. These projects are individually tailored to the interests of students on the programme.

    The programme is structured around a flexible though clearly framed series of three supervised projects, which provide the opportunity for students to gain a broad critical appreciation of the subject of English Literature, and its place today.

    Projects undertaken by students on the programme include, for instance, neo-Victorianism and Steam-punk, the Question of Literary Period (Modernism and Victorianism), Haunting in Contemporary Women’s Writing, Contemporary Issues of Censorship, Feminist Critical Discourse, Romantic Childhood, and Trauma Theory and Holocaust literature. In each case an appropriate project focus is to be agreed with a supervisor.

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Each stage of the programme is based on a 60 credit module which is delivered through a project:

1st Year

Stage 1: PG Cert - Conceptual and Theoretical Discourses

Debates relating to academic, critical, theoretical discourses in the field of English Literature for example, this might take the form of a consideration of one or more of the following: aspects of literary theory; constructions of ‘English Literature’; literary movements and periods; and medical humanities.

Stage two: PG Dip - Contemporary Contextual Issues

This project might take the form of or include, for example, an exploration of the shifting parameters of English Literature today; public debates and interventions relating to literature; contemporary issues and developments in the subject of English literature; contemporary literature; and contemporary responses to literature.

Stage three: Masters Project - Developmental Considerations

Comprising a Dissertation in the field of English Literature, and/or English Literature in education. Word count for each project: 15,000 words.

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Course Leader

The course is led by Dr Paul Bentley, a prize-winning poet and experienced reader in English Literature with extensive research specialisms in modern and Romantic poetry, and literary theory.


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    Delivery of the programme is based on the allocation of a project supervisor for each stage. The supervisor will have expertise in the chosen area and will provide guidance throughout the process.  In addition to project supervision, research workshops/seminars with other students and researchers will take place to supplement individual project work.


    Assessment of each stage is by completed project coursework.  Formative feedback will be provided at appropriate points to give students an indication of their progress.