Sports Therapy Conference Workshops

Workshop 1

Sport Science Lab

 Title: Using Kinetics and Kinematics to analyse golf performance

Speakers: Sarah Martin and Vicki Evans

The golf swing requires complex movement patterns and a synergy of the entire kinetic chain. This workshop utilises a state of the art Trackman and golf simulator system, 3D cameras and force platforms to analyse a golf swing of a novice and professional golfer. Supported by professional lady golfter, Sammie Giles.

Workshop 2

Sport Therapy Room

Title: The benefits of massage during preganancy

Speaker: Nikita Baker

Pregnancy massage has many effects on the body physically and emotionally. This workshop expands your knowledge on the benefits and effects of massage during pregnancy. Whilst demonstrating the techniques and positioning throughout the massage.

Workshop 3

Room E206

 Title: tbc

Speaker: Alister McCormick