BA (Hons) Performing Arts EducationN2L8

    Course Overview

    Duration: 3 years full-time
  • If you have a passion for performing and want to share it with others, this course is for you. The Performing Arts degree takes a flexible approach to your vocational learning, allowing you to explore teaching, directing and working with others within our well-appointed facilities.

    Through this blend of learning, you’ll deepen your understanding of a range of performing arts including drama, music and dance. Simultaneously, your course leaders will help you perfect your practical teaching skills in order to prepare you for employment. They’ll also encourage you to explore your love of the arts, perhaps unearthing career paths you hadn’t previously considered. 


    And of course, you’ll have ample opportunity to develop your own performance skills in order to actively encourage them in others. Being a successful teacher of performing arts demands the graduate skills of critical thinking, creativity, leadership, organisation and management. And during this course, you’ll enjoy plenty of thought-provoking focus on each area.

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1st Year
  • Engaging with learning
  • Roots of theatre
  • Introduction to Educational Studies
  • The language of music
  • Placement (theatre in education)
  • Children’s literature and drama in education


2nd Year
  • Key thinkers in education
  • Community centred actor
  • Composition
  • Researching education health and welfare
  • Performance skills
  • Experiential placement
3rd Year
  • Dissertation*
  • Music composition for performance
  • Developing a personal philosophy of education*
  • Placement*
  • Performance module*
  • Accountability and assessment in education*
  • Theatre production*

Entry Requirements & Fees

Career Opportunities

At the end of the course you are well placed to pursue a career in performance, primary or secondary teaching (on completion of School Direct or PGCE). Opportunities exist within theatre in education or Youth and Community work across a range of settings. You could also choose to lead children’s and community theatre groups as well as potentially setting up your own company. 

Employability in the performing arts is the key goal of this course so that at the end students can start to develop a career that builds on their passion for performance.

Course Leader

As you’d expect, the Performing Arts Education BA team is packed with creativity and enthusiasm. Your course leaders will encourage and support you as you develop your own performance art skills, all the while ensuring that you’re fully prepared for employment on completion of the course.