School Visits

What we offer

Money matters

Fees and funding made clear

We can talk to students about the Student Finance England application process and financial packages. We are also able to break down the various funding options including student loans, bursaries and grants, and discuss the repayment system.

School Visits - Moving Out

University life

Moving out

University students are often be moving away from home for the first time, and will need to consider accommodation, bills and budgeting. We can talk about all of this, as well as covering the sports, clubs and work experience opportunities available as part of university life. Often, a current student at the university will come along to talk about their experience so far.

School Visits - Application Advice

Our tips

Application advice

We're happy to run through the application process, one step at a time. We'll talk about UCAS, how and when to apply, critical application dates and managing the application from start to finish.

School Visits - Choosing A Course

Setting course

Choosing a subject to study

With so many courses available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Our presentation arms students with the questions they shoud be asking when choosing what to study. We'll discuss the range of courses available and how to find out more about the key factors which might influence decisions.

Stand out

Personal statements

We can guide students on how to tackle their personal statement. We'll dish out useful tips and techniques for writing a winning piece, plus we'll let students in on exactly what universities are looking for.