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Free, immersive and as close as you’ll get to the ‘real thing’, Summer School is always a hit.

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New for 2019

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Following the success of last year's Summer School we will now be running an Education & Teaching Summer School, comprising a number of topic sessions, two generic university sessions and five different extra-curricular activities. There are 36 spaces available.

The results are in...

A positive experience

We interviewed some of our 2016 attendees and the results were heartening:

  • 87.5% of attendees felt the academic sessions gave them a greater understanding of the subjects they attended (the remaining 12.5% answered ‘unsure’).

  • 88% of attendees felt that the Summer School experience made them more likely to attend university (the remaining 12% answered ‘unsure’).

  • 93.75% of attendees rated the experience of staying in the Halls of Residence either ‘very good (11)’ or ‘good (4)’ and the remaining student considered it ‘okay’.

New experiences

What students had to say

We also captured some quotes from previous attendees, and here’s what they had to say:

“I’d already thought about university but Summer School has narrowed down what I want to do as well as widening up what I could do in the future. Summer School has confirmed for me the fact I want to come to university, I can see university sessions are so much different to college work. It’s more in depth, you get taught how to learn, rather than just being spoken at. I felt like I’ve really bonded with everyone over the week.”

“My experience has been amazing, I think I’ve learnt a lot, as well as a lot about myself, it’s made me more independent. It’s improved my communication skills. Summer School has definitely changed my perception of university. I wasn’t sure before but now I 100% want to come, the sessions are so much different to 6th form and [I enjoyed] the experience of being in halls.”

“[One particular] session really inspired me, I walked in and thought “This is what I want to do”. Definitely go [to Summer School], even if you’re a bit worried about going, still go. I was but I really enjoyed it in the end because it’s been the best experience of my life. Summer School has been incredible and inspiring for the future.”

Summer school class

Try out student life

Summer School 2019

Summer School is a FREE residential experience, running from Monday 22 July - Thursday 25 July 2019. Students will learn more about their chosen subject area, experience student life and live in Halls at Plymouth Marjon University for a week. They will also get involved in a range of fun and exciting social activities, such as a ‘Come Dine with Me’ cookery competition, as well as confidence-raising and team-building workshops.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for our Summer School you must be in Year 12 and 13 (or college equivalent) and you must meet one of the criteria below. If you're not sure whether you do please email - you'd be suprised how many people do meet the criteria! 


  • The student attends one of our Progression Agreement schools
  • The student lives in a 'low participation' neighbourhood as defined by home postcode 
  • Neither parent (or guardian) has attended university in the UK or abroad
  • The student is, or has been, a looked after young person
  • The student has a disability or specific learning difficulty (including dyslexia)