BSc (Hons) Speech and Language SciencesB621

    Course Overview

    Duration: Three years full-time
  • Language is everywhere. It’s fundamental to almost everything we do and who we are. Our Speech & Language Sciences degree develops your sensitivity to language and communication. You’ll learn how to describe language, both in terms of linguistic structure, sound systems and communication theory. Together, we’ll explore questions such as ‘How is meaning constructed?’ and ‘Why does language vary so much?’ as well ask why someone said a certain thing in a particular way; what are they trying to achieve and what aspects of their personality are they trying to project or hide? You’ll look at how children learn language so easily, and what that tells us about the mind.

    Imagine that you lose any part of it: we use language not only to get and pass on information, but also to influence people, to negotiate, to make people feel good, and for fun. Language loss or disorders can have a serious impact on people’s lives, and not just for those who suffer the disorder: everyone around them is affected, too.



    People take this course because they are interested in people and language and because they want to help people with their language difficulties. It is the ideal preparation for studying towards a Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) qualification after graduation. The Speech & Language Sciences degree introduces the core theoretical concepts and practical skills needed for careers in this and related areas, such as language special needs in schools. Your work-based learning opportunities will provide real-life experience with a range of people who have communication difficulties. Please note that this degree does not include Speech & Language Therapy Therapist Status awards or qualifications.

    As a Speech and Language Sciences student you will specialise in acquiring knowledge about language disorders through your second and third years. You can learn some of the basics in how disorders are managed and you’ll have the opportunity to design and create materials which could be used by a therapist or their assistants. You can take the degree on a full- or part-time basis, so it can easily fit around your work or life commitments.

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All modules are compulsory:

1st Year
  • English in the World
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Phonetics & Phonology
  • Engaging in Learning in Linguisitics
  • Language & Mind
  • People in Context
  • Child Development


2nd Year
  • Discourse & Communication
  • Speech Language & Cognition
  • Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
  • Research & Ethics Module
  • Work Placement or Community Project


3rd Year
  • Advanced Linguistic Analysis
  • Discourse in Practice
  • Acquired Language Disorders
  • Cognitive Communication Disorders
  • Dissertation

Entry Requirements & Fees

Career Opportunities

This degree has been designed for people who want an ideal preparation towards studying for an accredited Speech and Language Therapy qualification at post-graduate level. This degree does not include Speech & Language Therapy Therapist Status awards or qualifications.

It is also a very good starting degree for people who want to specialise in language special needs in schools, or in Higher Education student support for example, where they help people with dyslexia and other language processing difficulties to achieve their full potential. Because it is also a ‘Linguistics’ degree, it is useful in a range of areas relating to people and communication, such as counselling, teaching, elocution and working with text.

ALUMNI OF BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Sciences

Current Students


Course Leader

Throughout the course, you’ll enjoy consistent support and encouragement from the course team. The teaching team consists of many SLT qualified practitioners. The team includes Dr Steve Disney, Dr Sally Bates, Dr Hazel Bending and Dr Tomasina Oh, each possessing extensive experience and research interests including descriptive linguistics, vowel disorders, and reflective practice.