Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this version of MARGen is easier to use than ever before. We've prepared a selection of frequently asked questions that might answer some of the more common queries. If the question you have isn't listed below, why not ask us?

Am I allowed to use MARGen?

MARGen was developed specifically for students from the University of St Mark & St John. It is built to adhere to the University's own version of the Harvard referencing system and, as a result, is officially endorsed for use by our students. If you've been asked to reference in the Marjon style, rest assured that MARGen is the tool for you!

If your tutor tells you MARGen incorrectly formats references please let us know so we can discuss this with them.

If you're not a Marjon student (or member of staff) you can still use MARGen, you just can't store any references. You should also bear in mind that the format of MARGen's references might differ from those required at your insitution.

Why does my pasted reference have a light blue background?

When pasting into MS Word, you need to select the advanced "merge formatting" option. This removes the background colour, but retains the text styles (e.g. italics). The "merge formatting" button is highlighted in red in this screenshot:

MS Word paste formatting button screenshot

Why can't I login to MARGen?

Only University staff and students can sign-in to MARGen. If you've tried your login details, and can login to services such as email and LearningSpace, please contact us.

Does MARGen store my references?

Yes! Just login using your normal University account and you can save any references you generate. You can get back to stored references at any time once logging in - just click on your reference list from the top navigation bar.

Can I bulk download my references?

Of course! After logging in to MARGen, open your reference list and click 'Advanced Options' > 'Download All'. MARGen creates a Microsoft Word (.doc) file with all your references in it.

Why is the source I want to reference not available?

All systems must have some limitation, and MARGen is no different. We have tried to provide options for the most common referencing sources, but if you would like to suggest an additional option, please contact us.

Remember: many of the sources have additional reference types under the 'Advanced Options' menu. For example, you can reference a Blog Post by choosing that option from the 'Internet' source type.

What browsers does MARGen work on?

MARGen 2 utilises a range of modern web frameworks that require a moderately new Internet browser to function correctly. We've actively tested MARGen 2 in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 39+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Mozilla Firefox 33+
  • Safari 7.0.5+

It definitely won't work on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier! If it doesn't work correctly on your device please let us know.

Why does the ISBN book search not work?

It does! However, it doesn't find every book ever written. The ISBN search built into MARGen uses some clever Google technology (the Google Books API if you're feeling geeky). If your search doesn't return a match, double check the number you entered is correct and try again. Otherwise, you'll just have to enter the details manually (*sigh*)!

Why doesn't the ISBN search find all the information?

Some fields are simply not available to MARGen (i.e. location). You'll need to enter these manually and double check everything else.

I used the ISBN search but the details are wrong! Why?

MARGen uses some clever Google technology to populate book fields for you. However, you should bear in mind that MARGen isn't really that intelligent. Always check the details it returns, and if something looks wrong, change it!

Can I used MARGen on the move?

Many of MARGen features need an active Internet connection to work, therefore weird things will probably happen if your connection drops. Sorry!

Where did you buy MARGen from?

We didn't! It's been lovingly coded from scratch by University staff Adam Read and his trusty database chum Dave Fulton. If you love MARGen why not tell them, they like praise (and bottles of wine). Find out more about MARGen's underlying technology on the about page.

Does MARGen use cookies?

Yes, we use Google Analytics to track usage trends so we can continue to develop MARGen. All tracking data is anonymous and no personal information about you is stored by Google. You can opt-out of analytics via Google.

The small amount of information that MARGen uses once you've logged-in is destroyed when you close your browser.